Jun 29 2011

Jun 25 2011
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See these two guys?



This is Neil Patrick Harris:

And this is David Burtka:

They’ve been a couple since 2004.

They love each other an incredible amount.

On October 12, 2010, via surrogate, they had twins. Harper Grace and Gideon Scott:

And tonight, June 24, 2011, after New York passed the Marriage Equality Bill, they proposed to each other. They are now engaged.

And now, they can get married.


Jun 17 2011

incredible birthday. i’m so lucky and undeserving it doesn’t make any sense… like whatsoever.

Jun 02 2011


Ology Presents: The 25 Best TV Episodes Ever 2011!

YOUR FAVORITE SHOW makes our first annual list of the greatest episodes ever of all time! Or at least the past year. Starring Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, Jersey Shore, Skins, One Tree Hill, South Park, Shameless, Parks and Recreation, and MORE!

May 24 2011
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i still find no fault with this. she hired the same guy, and made an ever better spectacle. i’m still a fan.


damn Bey, can you EVER be original? *smdh*


damnnn .. and it would’ve been sooo popping too. smh.

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May 23 2011

such serious angst and anxiety right now. i swear i’m about to really do a 180 and hurt some people’s feelings, but i’m a fucking bill-paying adult now and i don’t have time or energy for bullshit. and i know the fact that i’m getting sick (which never happens) is adding to my frustrations. but this might be the week i really snatch some wigs.

May 23 2011
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May 22 2011


its funny how respecting myself means more to me than anything else, yet it obviously isnt worth shit to another person. and you can sacrifice self-respect for that person and chances are it STILL doesn’t mean anything to them.

i may have slipped up in the past, but i bet you that shit hasn’t happened since. winning.

May 15 2011
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Naya Rivera on GLAAD Media Awards.

“I actually had an acceptance speech prepared which I will pull out of my tits if you don’t mind.”

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May 05 2011

I read this article today and it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever read. I wish I wrote it myself. It made me think a lot about my past and the relationships I’ve gone through, the people I’ve cared about, and what it all has to mean now, as I look back.

I don’t have a single regret about any of the choices I’ve made in life. I can say that proudly because of where I am and who I am today. After everything I’ve been through, I appreciate it for what it was, because I’ve learned and grown and I know so much more of the world than I did before. You can’t erase the past. But after reading that article, it helps me to look back and be happy instead of feeling sorrow for the low moments.

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